How to Place Order

It’s very easy to place wholesale order through our convenient online ordering system. We need to know details like product code, weight, silver purity, base metal & polish type. Once we will have all required information then we will immediately quote our lowest price, which will active for next 24 hours, because silver market is fluctuating. Therefore please always confirm price before placing order.

(1) SELECT PRODUCTS – Please search products displayed in various product categories like Beads, Findings, Jewelry etc. Once you like any product, click on the thumbnail image. Then you can see detailed image & description.

On the right hand side of each detailed image, you will see some features. It will help us to know your exact requirement. Please follow below steps to prepare an order –

a) SKU – It is an unique code of each product.

b) Quantity – Please write the quantity required of a particular product (minimum order quantity is 250 grams).

c) Silver purity – Silver purity range starts from highest 92.5% to lowest 0%. It means we are able to make almost all products in any silver purity.

d) Base metal – Please select any base metals among copper / Brass (copper + zinc) / Bronze (copper + tin) / Nicker or German silver (copper + zinc + nickel) / Pewter (tin + copper).

For example if you have selected 92.% silver purity, then for 7.5% metal, please tell us, which metal you want to use.

e) Nickel / Lead free products – If you want products in higher silver purity then finished product before polish looks whitish.

But if silver purity is less or NIL, then the finished product before polish looks yellow or in copper tone. Although when we do silver polish, but after some time, the polish may get fade and original color of metal appear (it may be yellowish or copper color). To avoid such problem, we suggest to add some % of nickel to give whitish tone to product, so whenever polish fade, the original color of metal will also look similar.

For your kind information, Nickel or Lead may cause skin allergy (not to all people). Therefore, some countries does not allow to import products having nickel or lead. There fore please clarify, whether you want nickel and lead free products.

f) Product polishing / Plating – Please tell us, what type of product polish you want on finished product.

g) Add to cart – Please review all features you have added above, and then click ADD TO CART tab.

(2) FINAL INQUIRY LIST – You can add as much as product you want, even each with different quality. Once the list is final, please proceed to CHECKOUT.

(3) CHECK OUT – Here you need to provide all information about your company, or if you have already registered, then simply log in. Then click REVIEW ORDER to review your trade inquiry, then click SUBMIT ORDER.

Now we will get all information, and try to quote our best price.

(4) PAYMENT – Once we both agree with price and other terms condition, then please pay an amount to conform order, so we will proceed the production.

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